BlackDog Detective

A game of clues and logic



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The Game

BlackDog Detective is a game of clues and logic that can be played by everyone.

Features include:

  • Multiple skill levels and game board sizes.
  • Achievement awards.
  • History game status display with puzzle replay.
  • Compete with friends using game # entry.

Game Objective

Determine the correct image for each square on the game board.

Game Instructions

BlackDog Detective

The game consists of a game board, a variety of images, and clues. Each square on the game board shows a small version of each image. Using the clues provided, and your powers of deduction, prune images from each square by tapping once on the square to enlarge it, and then again on the image to be removed. Continue this process until only one image remains in each square. If they're all in the correct square, you WIN!!


Visit our download page for information on all of our supported platforms. There is also a free version of our game that you can try for as long as you want with no obligations from you.